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What goals should a nine year old have? I found a sloppily written piece of paper on the kitchen table with “goals for (My child’s name),” written on it.  Here are my child’s goals:

– Achieve a pushup (This is crossed out, since he has achieved it!)

– (Blacked out with a magic marker, so illegible and he won’t tell me what it was)

– go to middle school (He’s currently in 4th grade with excellent grades, not sure why this is a goal of his)

– learn Japanese (His mom is Japanese)

– finish the harry potter series: books and movies

– get to 5 foot

Goals for a 9-year old

Conspicuously missing from this list is “Improve my handwriting;” also  “earn my black belt in karate. ” He recently earned his blue belt, and I notice that when he earns a new belt, he quickly loses focus. It’s only when it seems that he’s been wearing a particular belt color for long time that he gets motivated to earn a new one.  Hmm, kids!

Starting Nov. 21, 2011,  the City of Tigard is going to start construction to re-open an entrance to Tigard Plaza form 99W. This is good news because the closing reduced traffic to the shopping center, not what the merchants need in this economy. Please be advised this will likely cause additional travel delays on already crowded 99W, so plan ahead, and leave early. Osu!