Why CrossFit?

To become a CrossFit affiliate, you must submit an essay to Crossfit Inc., telling them about your background and why you want to be a trainer and affiliate.  I thought my essay answers the question “Why CrossFit?” fairly well, so below is an excerpt.  The bottom line is, after trying CrossFit myself and getting amazing results, I liked it so much, I bought the company so to speak.

CrossFit Affiliate Essay

I first learned about CrossFit in January when training for a Krav Maga Certification. The gym where I trained was an affiliate and I had a chance to watch a class.  An off hand remark from the head instructor about how black belts from traditional martial arts such as myself often have their guts hanging over their belts and can’t even finish a one hour Krav Maga class, really stuck with me.  As I prepared to open my Dojo this spring, I was concerned about my gut, I didn’t want to be “That Guy.”

My start in CrossFit was serendipitous: While still engaged in another business, I passed a box on the way to a client in the morning and again in the afternoon on the way home.  Arriving home I logged onto my computer to check my e-mail, and there was a Groupon for half off for that very same box; so I bought it on the spur of the moment.

A few days later, I went to the box for my first session. Having recently passed a 7-hour black belt test in Karate, which requires 10- one minute, full contact bouts, and having trained 4 days a week for months prior, and having been through a hell week for Krav Maga certification, I thought I was at least in OK shape.  I’m sure you know how the story ends, but an hour later I had an entirely different idea about fitness.

The prior business I was in required me to lift a lot of beer kegs.  A full 1/2 barrel keg weighs about 160 lbs.  After only two weeks of doing CrossFit five days a week, I suddenly noticed it was much easier to lift the kegs!

The other reason for my interest in trying CrossFit, is that I injured by back four years ago (herniated disc, lumbar spine) and had surgery two and a half years ago. Conversations with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Surgeons and patients, convinced me that increasing my core strength was the key to avoiding another surgery.  So far, I know that I am right. Now there’s core strength, and there’s core strength CrossFit style!  Six weeks in, I was pumped up and decided to get certified, so I signed up for the next seminar in town.  I have been training continuously every week since I started.

As for my background, I am a Wall Street drop out. I have been an entrepreneur, and a landlord. I started karate over 20 years ago. I trained in Japan for two years. The change in the economy forced me to become an entrepreneur. I did not initially set out to be a CrossFit Affiliate, but the effect CrossFit has had on my own strength, stamina, speed and overall health and well being has been impressive and undeniable.  I look better, I feel better, I fight better.  I have been getting compliments from my friends and even my wife, (my wife!) on how good I look.  As a consultant to bars for the last two years, I have been helping people get fat, drunk & sick.  I would now like to help them get healthier and in better shape. And I have my work cut out for me don’t I?