“Sensei Mark is a great self defense teacher and Kyokushin karate instructor. [he] has met one of Japans greatest karate legends Mas Oyama. Sensei Mark went toJapan in his early adult years to train in Karate and work inJapan. [he] brings real Japaneses hard hitting style to Tigard. OSU!” Matthew M.


The Karate style we teach is called Kyokushin Kai 極真会.  It means Association For the Ultimate Truth. It was formed in the 50’s in Tokyo by Mas Oyama.  This is a traditional style, influenced by Shotokan, Goju-ryu and Muay Thai. The training can be challenging. Although the style is considered a hard style, sparring is not required for those who do not wish to participate. Several tournaments take place each year,  and those wishing to compete can prepare to do so with us.

Kyokushin Kai Founder Sosai Mas Oyama