“Great instructor with real experience. Also very clean facility.”  Jim M.

Q: Will there be other beginners in my class?

Absolutely. There are always beginners in class. Plus, the advanced students are always eager to help you get you on your way!

Q: Will you help me with my nutritional habits?

We can help you with that.

Q: What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is the self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces. It was designed for the IDF over 60 years ago an has been battle tested ever since. It is used by police and military around the world. It is the very best self-defense system ever created and is also a great workout.

Q: Do you have self-defense classes for women?

Our classes are integrated. Although women do have some special needs, we teach them the same techniques as men. Some Krav Maga techniques address attacks that women are more prone to suffering, such as being choked. It is important for women to train together with men, because that is who they will be facing if they are ever attacked.

Q: Will your classes help me tone up?

Absolutely! The combination of cardio, resistance training and proper diet (which we will help you with!) will help you to tone up very quickly.

Q: Will I have to fight or compete in tournaments?

No student at our school is ever forced to fight or compete, that’s totally up to the student.

Q: How many classes per week should I attend?

We have classes 6 days a week so the amount of classes you take is based on your own personal schedule. Most of our members train 2-3 times per week and see great results.

Q: Do I need to ‘get in shape’ before I start you classes?

A common misunderstanding is that you need to be ‘in shape’ before starting any martial arts training. This is completely false. Our classes are designed to allow our members to train ‘at their own pace’ while at the same time, giving the advanced student the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Q: Where are your Classes located?

We are located in Tigard Plaza•11945 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 230•Tigard,OR• (503) 968-6400.  Tigard Plaza is located at the corner of Hall Blvd. & Pacific Hwy, and has Joann Fabrics, Dollar Tree, and Gaffer’s Fish & chips as Landmarks.  There is plenty of parking on the lower level. Enter the lower level from Hall Blvd., and take the circular stairs up.  We are above the Laundromat and across from the Pizzeria.

Q: How can I get started?

You can get started by calling us directly at the school at (503) 968-6400 or by stopping by.