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I would be delighted for you all to gain ten pounds over the holidays, only to come crawling to me in January with your New Year’s resolution in hand to exercise & lose weight. Sign here. But if you’d like to avoid that scenario, here’s a little friendly advice.

1)      If you are already working out, don’t stop. If you go to a gym, keep going at least three times a week (CrossFitters four times). If you are running, lifting or rowing, keep going. If you are not currently exercising, you don’t have to wait until January to get started, I know a nice trainer who is ready to help you meet your fitness goals right now.

2)      There is nothing special about holiday food. Okay, maybe there is. Maybe you can only eat Grandmama’s homemade cranberry sauce during the holidays. But actually, you can eat cake, pie, cookies or any other holiday treat any day of the year. You can go right down to the bakery right now and buy a cake or pie or bake it yourself. You can have a slice or two or six right now. You don’t need to wait until the holidays. You don’t need to wait until Halloween to eat candy, especially since there is so much of it left over hanging around the house now. You are an adult, you can make your own decisions every single day of the year. You can eat healthily or pig out. So now that you know there’s nothing special about holiday food, you don’t need to go crazy over the Holidays.

3)      “Take human bites!” When I was a kid there was a Broadway play advertised on TV, Gemini. It featured an overweight kid. In one scene he is wolfing down his food, and his mother hits him & screams in a Philly accent, “Take human bites!” It was a funny scene, but good advice, take human bites. Also chew your food thoroughly, put down the fork, and engage in conversation. Allow your brain to catch up to your stomach so you will feel satiated before you overeat.

4)      Don’t clean your plate. Yes there are children starving in Africa, but there is no practical way for you to transport your leftovers to them. They will still starve regardless of whether you clean or plate or not. So it’s okay to leave food over.

5)      Fill your plate only one time. Whether you are eating buffet or family style, do a tactical reconnaissance mission of the available choices before filling your plate, that way you won’t have any regrets, or excuses to go back for seconds. Then fill your plate once. No fair using advanced architectural techniques to stack your plate three stories high. One pass, one layer. If you finish your plate and you want to eat more, have a salad, easy on the dressing. If there is no salad, eat veggies, you pretty much can’t overeat with veggies.

6)      Avoid refined carbohydrates and starches. By refined carbohydrates I mean bread, pasta, pie, cake, cookies, potatoes. Sweet potatoes are okay, turkey and gravy is okay, veggies are okay, salad is okay. If you can’t live without mashed potatoes, go ahead, have a spoonful. I said “avoid,” not “prohibit.” We’ve all got to live a little. Just don’t go crazy.

7)      Limit alcohol intake. I will be ignoring my own advice on this one. But seriously, take it easy on the alcohol. Sipping wine is better than guzzling beer. Hard alcohol does have significant calories, not to mention the detrimental effect on your driving skills.

So in summary, you can limit the damage to your body this holiday season by continuing to exercise, taking it easy, and using good judgment on your food choices. Happy Holidays, and enjoy!