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Sparring Gear is Here for kid’s karate.  It makes a great Holiday gift. Kid’s must have Sparring Gear to spar and to practice sparring technique and to advance to the next belt levels.

We went to spar with our good friends, but rivals at Seishinkan this past weekend. My 9 year old, got his ass kicked last time. But this time it was payback! He fought like bull in a China shop. He fought 6 matches and I thought he won them all, although the Ref had a different opinion. He fought so well, I’m testing him for his next belt. He was so proud of himself, he couldn’t stop talking about it.

My older son had similar results. They both fought opponents 2 years older, but fought like champs,  in spite of the outcome, although they won most of their bouts.

Sparring is important, because it is the closest thing to a real world self-defense situation. It allows you to train safely with full equipment, for an attack by a bully or predator.  It gives kids confidence, and should they ever need to defend themselves, they won’t freak out the first time they get hit in the real world, if they have been hit in practice. All the kids fought very well, and all the matches were very close and hard to call (I was a ring judge).  Here are the photos:

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